Sunday, June 13, 2010

Red-Letter Days

Red-Letter Days

The origin of Red-Letter days was written about in The Boke of Eneydos from 1490: "We wryte yet in oure kalenders the hyghe festes wyth rede lettres of coloure of purpre."

This transcribes to writing church festivals in red on calenders and more recently, any special day.

We are having a Red Letter Day in our family this weekend with the Wedding of a Grandson.

Another interesting quote from Aesop's Fables:

"A truthful Man, finding a musial instrument in the road, asked the name of it, and was told that it was a fish-horn. The nex time he went fishing he set his nets and blew the fish-horn all day to charm the fish into them; but at nightfall there were not only no fish in his nets, but none along that part of the coast. Meeting a friend while on his way home he was asked luck he had had. "Well," said the Trughtul Man, "the weather is not right for fishing, but it's a red-letter day for music".

What Red-Letter days do you carry in your heart of memories? I carry those days where my children were born or came into my life, saying good-byes to old friends and family at the gravesite, saying goodbye to my childhood home when it was sold. Some happy, some sad, but all moments in time that have made my life. Marriage, grandchildren, first days of school, Christmas' of past, a memory of a day at church. . . . moments that make a life.

Spend a few moments writing about your Red-Letter Days.

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