Monday, June 28, 2010

Gift of Threads

This Lovely heart graces the blog of a recent follower! Since it is Red (and White) and is a heart, and checkerboard as well, I think the owner of this blog deserves to win the gift of threads (Red Threads of course) I am giving away this month. So, If Colorado Blogger will contact me via email to give me her address I will package up a nice red package, filled with red threads and other red goodies in celebration of our Month of Red in June!
Pass the word about the blog as I am going to give a huge thread give-a-way when we reach 100 followers! In the meanwhile, we will continue to explore color, and I will find some interesting items to give away on my blog!
By the way, wish you were here to taste the salmon - it is delicious. . .
Until Another Day, Cecelia


  1. WOW! Thanks. This has been an amazing day for me. First Daffy-Cat and Jayne (and maybe others I have not found yet) posted about my lost blog and new address and now I win your great giveaway. Maybe I should run out and get a lottery ticket!

    I will email you my information soon.

  2. P.S. I plan to post a notice about my win when it comes and will defineatley include a link back to your blog.