Saturday, April 4, 2015

For the Birds. . .

I'm all 'for the birds' as they say.  We are enjoying  four little baby chicks that my son Gage and his girlfriend Tyna have started raising.  I know being a 'chicken sitter' will be both entertaining and interesting, not to mention those delicious eggs.  I'd love to have backyard chickens. . . .getting a husband to agree. . . .a different story.

There seems to be no lack of birds to stitch in either needlepoint, cross stitch, or any other needle art you can think of.  So let the love affair with birds continue with a picture of an owl canvas by Charley Harper stitched by a very talented needle artist - Tess from Hawaii.  Thanks for sharing your picture with me.   Tess used Oriental Linen for the body of the owl and Silken Chenille for the Moth.

The texture these threads offer is what makes them so beautiful in this piece.  Another Needle Artist from Austria is Gina from  Here is a picture of a piece of art that she stitched.
I love her use of our Flax 'n Colors, Silk 'n Colors and Oriental Linen.  Another bird, this time the front of a hand made book I am working on:
The branches are hand dyed silk carrier rods (silk cocoons that didn't reel off properly for silk thread. Finally, since we are just before Easter and still thinking chickens and birds - our dyed easter eggs for this year.
Wishing you all a Happy Easter and Spring!
Still dyeing.  . . .eggs and threads!  Cece


  1. Love your Silken Chenille! I am using it for the heart of flowers currently. I'll send a photo when the flowers are done so you can see how lovely it is.

  2. We would love to see your finished piece.

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