Wednesday, August 31, 2011

An Itty Bitty Reminder of a Great Big Contest

An itty, bitty picture of a soap bar to remind you to enter our contest for $100 in threads and body care products (retail value).  You must enter BEFORE Sept 1st by going to our facebook page for our body care business - Mathair Earth and 'like' our page on facebook and leave a comment that you are a stitcher.  I'm a little disappointed that more of you haven't done this - but such a great chance for those that have entered to win.  (Okay Liz, you must enter now and don't worry about giving someone else the chance!)  We make the best handmade soap - sorry this sounds a little braggy - but it is true.  Shea butter, olive oil, rice bran, grapeseed, cocoa butter, coconut, palm (sustainable), palm kernel, avocado are just some of the oils we use in our soap.  Lather - moisturizing - more lather, you get the idea.  Plus, the scents are to dye for!!

Anyway, gotta get back to the dye pots -
Until later,

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Follow Us On Facebook Contest!

I really had trouble with blogger on my previous post and could not get it to edit the post. Thus this picture was not included nor was our contest!
Pictured is our soap rack at the farmers market and below is our Juniper Mulberry Soap with Juniper Essential Oil and Mulberry Fragrance Oil to slightly sweeten in. It is smelling like a sweet forest as it cures.
Now for the contest. Would you like to win $100 retail value in a combined gif basket of hand dyed threads, soap and body care items? It is easy to enter. Simply go to our facebook page for our soaps which is Mathair Earth (Mother in Gaelic)
and 'like' our page. You also must leave a comment and somewhere in your comments note that you are a stitcher. Thus, 2 things to do - like our page and leave a comment that you are a stitcher. If you comment here you will not be added in the contest as we are trying to get 100 people to like our facebook page for Mathair Earth. We don't fill your inbox with posts. My daughter did say that you can choose an option to not receive posts if you wish. I'm not very good at Facebook so I'm not too much help in this area. I hope several of you will enter this contest - it will be an awesome gift basket!
Maritta will check the facebook comments daily and enter you into our 'drawing jar'. We will choose the winner on Sept 1st.
Still dyeing - threads that is until later. . . .

Monday, August 22, 2011

Dyeing Rainbows

I've been away for a long while. . . .time seemed to pass so quickly since my last post. I've been dyeing. . . .threads that is. As you can see we also hand dye knitting yarn to sell at our local farmer's market during the summer. Color is the driving force in my life whether stitching, quilting, beading or making soap. We also hand dye the ribbon we tie our hand dyed soap with. It has been interesting to watch the color of the dyed yarn bring people like a magnet into our booth.
We are also working on some exciting new colors to be added shortly to our Silk 'n Colors line.
We just released our fall scents in soap last week at the farmer's market - gingersnap, caramel apple, tobacco flower (a favorite), eggnog, pumpkin nog, coconut mokalata, huckleberry lavender, frankinsense and myrhh, and juniper mulberry with crushed mulberries on top! Something for everyone in warm, inviting, spicy or sweet. We also made some hemp milk in our soy milk maker and made hemp milk soap. This is similar to the finest goat's milk soap you will buy with a rich, creamy lather. We made a fun soap using Hemp Milk and Hemp oil - Mary Jane's Flower (Cannibis Flower). It sold out at the market and I have to make more! I have to admit that I didn't have a clue at first why my daughter wanted to name if Mary Jane's Flower ( I get it now). I think I might be the only one on the planet that was clueless to this slang term. . . .