Thursday, January 15, 2015

Remembering Gentler Times

Laying on my stomach to smell the early spring hyacinths. . .
Fresh churned vanilla ice cream on a hot summer evening. . .
Playing with the basket of empty glass medicine bottles & caps,  turned into a child's toy to keep little hands busy. . .
Sitting near Grandma's knee as she crocheted, quilted or simply stitched with a needle and thread.

{p.s. Keep reading to find out about our '1,000 likes drawing'}

I just love these old needlework items that belonged to my Paternal Grandmother, Bessie Maybelle Springer Allen.  I remember watching her from my earliest moments as she sewed, crocheted and quilted, always a needle & thread in hand. I was deeply fascinated by the creation of so many lovely things.  Many hours were spent sitting at her knee and simply watching.

Here is another picture of items in a shadow box of her needlework tools.  I just love the way she threaded the buttons on a string!
My Sister made me the shadow box and included a picture of me with Grandma at about 18 months.

 So, thank you Grandma. . .

Now, on to the choosing of our recipients for the gifts celebrating 1,000 likes on The Thread Gatherer's Facebook page.   Please comment (on facebook) who or what inspired your interest in the needle arts. It will be interesting to read your answers.  We will see how many comments we get over two days time and I'll have my daughters who work with me choose 5 numbers from the 1 - ??? comments we have.  We will put these numbers on pieces of paper in a jar and draw one at a time.  The first four will receive a limited edition Silken Pearl 15/3 thread, a Silk 'n Colors thread and a Silken Ribbons 7mm.  The remaining number in the jar will receive our '1,000 likes' prize of 10 Silk 'n Colors (a rainbow of colors) and the same items mentioned above.  We have to limit winners to within the US, unless out of country winners are willing to pay the additional shipping costs to get your packages to you.   I'll post on facebook the comment number and your name so you can email me privately your shipping address. 

Good luck to everyone and I hope you enjoy sharing with us who taught or inspired you to love the needle arts.  May you be inspired to share with another the joy of working with needle & thread.