Saturday, August 11, 2012

A Hornbook in Beeswax

Beeswax Hornbook

What an incredible hornbook in beeswax this is!  Measuring approximately 6" x 6" and weighing almost 6 oz.  This original design was actually an antique springerle mold (cookie) from which I  had a professional silicone mold designed for beeswax.  Such incredible detail:

I dusted the beeswax with gold mica so that the detail would show up in the pictures.  I showed this at a needlework trade show, but didn't get any shops really interested due to the cost and shipping of this heavy an item.  I'm thrilled to offer this for sale now on our etsy site which is:  If you love hornbooks, this is certainly a must for your collection.  It would be functional to actually wax your threads, but we will be offering smaller beeswaxers for this purpose.  I think it is too beautiful to use!  When you consider this was all hand carved in wood (in reverse) it is quite amazing.

Still dyeing. . . .threads that is

Until Later,

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Old. . . .And New

I love Everything that's Old:

Old Friends. . . .
Old Times. . . .
Old Manners. . ..
Old Books. . . 
Old Wines. . .
-Oliver Goldsmith (1728-1774)
And I might add:
Old Recipes. . .
Old Colors. . .
Old Violins. . .
Old Letters. . .
Old Familiar Scents. . .


Pumpkin Lavender. . .

One of our new fall scents (old favorite from last year) is Pumpkin Lavender.  This year we also added a touch of vanilla to the mix and what a scrumptious, to dye for (forgive the pun) scent.  Available now in our etsy store for our side business, Mathair Earth (Mother in Gaelic).  Visit us at to see this selection and other enticing Autumn offerings.

Also, something new:

Our Etsy site for exclusive Hand dyed items is now open.  Visit us at

This is our Hand-dyed knitting yarn.  This is a 100% superwash Merino Wool fingering weight (sock) yarn.  This color we are calling Strawflower.  There are several skeins available.
Also available are our Odds and Ends Bags:

A great value at only $15 each plus shipping.

Lastly. . . .perhaps my favorite autumn color we dye in Silk 'n Colors, Ribbons and our Silken Pearl - Acorn Woods

Enjoy all the 'old' things in life you love today!

Until Later,