Monday, July 12, 2010

Going Green

It is not hard to guess from the pictures that this month my blogs for the most part will be about the color green. Top picture is from my garden, and I love the chartreuse plant with the purple flowers. The bottom picture was taken while up in the Idaho Mountains this past week. I'll post pictures of this in the next day or two and tell you who was with me in the mountains!! For now, back to green. Cool Mint, Ivy, Seaweed, Olive, Camouflage, Leaf Green, Grass Green, Spearmint, Pond Scum, Moss, Chartreuse - just a few names of green that come to mind for me.
Did you know that there are 5 towns named Bowling Green, 10 named Greenfield, 2 named Greenleaf (one is in Idaho), 12 Greenville and one Green Acres in Florida. I remember another Green Acres from TV. More on Green Later.
The winner of the Red Violin Movie is Missy aka Birdy. You must be an amazing stitcher at age 109!! I loved that. Anyway, please email me your address so I can send you your prize. Missy also gets another gift included of my recent limited edition thread pack! In addition, there were 4 others who left comments. I've decided to send each of you other four the limited edition thread pack also! I am feeling generous today I guess. My email address is:
You all are correct that the blood of his wife/lover was used to color the violin Red. It was a little shocking the first time I saw the movie! I missed the part where he used her hair to make the brush to apply the blood so I must watch it again soon! Thanks for all your comments.
Until Later,


  1. I don't know, Cecelia... we might be dating ourselves by saying we remember Green Acres! I am so thrilled that you are feeling generous and can't wait to get the threads! Aren't greens, when they first pop out and are so clean and fresh, just the most beautiful!?

  2. I guess I am dating myself with my comment about Green Acres! I wasn't too old when it was on TV! At least I still feel young!!

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