Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Perfect Red

Did you know that we can distinguish a single shade of color from the millions of colors in our world? Red, it seems is a very important color. "We roll out the red carpet, catch crooks red-handed, and dread getting caught in red tape. We stop at red lights, ignore red herrings, and celebrate red-letter days. Depending on our political persuasions, we wave the red flag or fear the red in the bed. When hot rage overpowers us, we say we see red." This quote is from a favorite book:

The color red is an ancient one and the quest for the 'perfect red' is a story that fascinates. Did you know that the bug Cochineal was the answer to this quest for the perfect red? "The History of this mad race for cochineal is a window onto another world - a world in which red was rare and precious, a source of wealth and power for those who knew its secrets. To obtain it, men sacked ships, turned spy, and courted death." This is their story.

You will not be sorry if you purchase the book by Amy Butler Greenfield.

More on Red Later. . .

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