Monday, January 14, 2013

A Wool Christmas Stocking


I Spent part of the Christmas Holiday Making an all wool, embellished Christmas Stocking.  It all started with the circles, simply making a few embellished with beads, Silk Ribbon Colonial Knots, and Silken Pearl Bullion Stitches.   I then had to decide what to do with those circles.  I had a lovely piece of wool I had hand dyed so I made a Christmas Stocking.  I plan to hang other 'dangly' items from the ribbon loop, but for showing purposes I attached the wonderful Christmas 'Nice' scissor fob decoration from the Shepherd's Bush Retreat.  Someone came by the house and said, "You've made a Dr. Seuss Christmas Stocking".  Well, not really my intent. . . .but it is rather playful I have to admit.
I used the new color of 'Red' Seagrass for the straight stitching at the top of the stocking and I lined it with a cute quilting fabric.  It was fun to make. 

Still Dyeing, Threads That Is. . . .
Until Later,