Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween & Blog Winner!

This is another example of using our hand-dyed velvet ribbon with cross stitch. You can stitch your selected word or words and then hang silver soldered charms/silver charms or whatever you wish off the ribbon. I can see a skelton key and other found objects used this way as well.

Happy Halloween! This year I didn't do too much with our porch decor as we are putting the carved pumpkins on our balcony. I love winding colored wire and using it for a quick pumpkin decorating idea.
Thanks to all who entered the blog contest. I was going to draw tomorrow morning but last night my daughter was in an auto accident involving my car (no one hurt and the other people's fault) so best outcome for the situation in my opinion! I will be busy with work and getting the car fixed/dealing with insurance etc. so I will be busy tomorrow morning. Number 6 comment is the winner. So if Natasha will email me at with your address I will send out your package!!
I enjoyed reading your Halloween quotes which you shared!
I'll be posting another blog contest early in November. Be thinking about those moments, food, etc that you find are 'Life Savors'. I will be asking you to comment with at least five to be entered in the contest. I will probably include them in an upcoming newsletter. I do a Life Savors Section each time I release a newsletter. Here are a few of ones that I am thinking of this time of year:
1. Hot Apple Cider & Homemade donuts. . .
2. Harvest Moons. . .
3. Skeleton Keys & Old Doors. . .
4. A fresh bouquet of flowers. . .
5. Finding a deserted bird's nest
6. Making homemade jerky
7. A new candle. . .
8. A written note from a friend. . .
Start thinking of some of your life savors so you can share them with us and possibly win the November drawing.
Dreaming in Color Until Later,

Thursday, October 28, 2010

All About Orange

Brittany Spaniels are referred to as Orange And White and this is our beloved, Copper, now an avid bird dog and hunting companion.

Never, ever tell a beautiful strawberry blond haired gal that they have orange hair - never!! I have to admit that I covet the beautiful hair of my daugher, Maritta on the right and my granddaughter, Sophie on the left in the funky orange hat.
Maritta is Sophie's Aunt even though they look like they could be mother and daughter.
Pumpkin, Copper, Brass, Apricot, Tangerine, Blood Orange, Carnelian, Terra Cotta, Peach, Rust . . .
All names we give to the many shades and hues of that elusive color orange. This color perhaps sparks more controversy in color than any other hue. It is a 'love', 'hate' type of color response. You must agree, however, that it radiates energy. When you add a little white or black to orange we get colors that have broad appeal such as terra cotta or peach. Physically orange stimulates creativity, appetite and encourages socialization. Some interesting facts I found on orange:
Orange is the color of the sacral Chakra, also know as Svadhisthana. This charka is located beneath the naval, close to the genitals. This sacral chakra is linked to the sexual organs and reporductive system. Opening this Charka will free fertility and inherent creativity.
Gemstones that aid this Charka include carnelian and orange agate.
American Indians associate the color orange with kinship.
In Ireland, the use of orange dates from the reign of William of Orange, the protestant English King and a Dutch Standholder.
In China and Japan orange is used to symbolize happiness and love.
Orange is the national color of the Netherlands because its royal family owns the principality of Orange.
"Orange Blossom Special" was a song by Johnny Cash
Orange can grow on you I believe. I used to think I didn't like orange too much and now it is one of my favorite colors!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Velvet Ribbon for Finishing

Here is the hanging pumpkin I stitched on 19-ct linen using my Silk 'n Colors. I used two piece of foam core (1/4"). I laced the cross stitch to one piece and glued a piece of hand dyed wool fabric (felt like) to the other piece. I then glued them wrong sides together, covered with a clean cloth and weighted them until glue dried. I rusched our hand dyed 1" velvet ribbon. I used several left over pieces in various colors. You need about a total of 4 x the length you are trying to cover with rusched ribbon. Thus, if I needed 40" around the entire piece I would have used about 160" of ribbon. I use either beading thread or sewing thread to do the rusching. Knot the end of your thread and begin at either side at the bottom of your ribbon. You will be sewing in your gathering stitches along the length of the ribbon. Begin taking small running stitches with the thread working in a zig-zag fashion from left-to-right or right-to-left depending upon which side you begin at. After you have stitched about 6" of zig zag lines in running stitches, gather this up. It is beautiful isn't it and oh so easy. Continue your zig zag running stitches until you have rusched enough ribbon to cover the area you are covering. The length of your stitches as well as space between stitches determines the end result of your rusching. The important thing is to keep your stitches the same spacing, and the zig zags the same size. Since I used different colors I did them each as separate pieces. You will need to securely knot your thread at the end (I like to do a tacking stitch) to hold all of your gathers together! I used a good tacky fabric glue to glue the ribbon around my cross stitch piece.
To hang the piece I formed a hanger out of copper wire and added ribbons tied onto the wire. I coiled the wire around a pencil to give the handle a couple of interesting designs.
If you'd like a free copy of this pattern just send me a stamped/self addressed envelope. I also stitched it as a white pumpkin and it was cute that way also. I'll post a picture of this as a white pumpkin in a day or two.
Ribbon for rusching is aavailable to purchase directly from us retail mailorder. Call me at our number on our website: or email me from our website. I usually have many colors available. The velvet ribbon is $3.00 a yard for the 1". You can also rusch our 7mm ribbon and this is a beautiful sachet or pinkeep finish.
Until Later,

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A conversation with a Black Bird -

Tell Me Dear Bird Friend -
How can I use Velvet Ribbon in finishing my needlework?
Our next blog will be a show-and-tell.
In the meanwhile, don't forget to enter out contest to win the handmade soap and Silk 'n Colors. You need to leave a comment on the previous post. I'm drawing next Monday morning. . . .
Until later -

Monday, October 25, 2010

Anise Blood Orange Soap & Thread Give-A-Way

Since it is Orange and Black this month, I am having a give-a-way!
You will receive the last bar of handmade soap I have left of my Halloween Soap of the Month. This one is scented with our own mix of Blood Orange, White Pepper and Anise. It is a nice scent and the glycerin soap contains Hemp seeds for exfolliation and give you a nice lather. In addition, you will receive a few Silk 'n Colors in Ink Black and the orange family. How to win? Leave a comment with your favorite Halloween poem or quote. I'll do a random drawing. I'll announce the winner on Monday morning. Good luck!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

October Orange

Jello Popcorn Balls
1 1/4 C Popcorn, popped
1 Cup white Karo Syrup
1 Cup white sugar
1 C miniature Marshmallows
1/2 C butter
1 3-oz pkg. jello
Pop corn and set aside in large bowl. In sauce pan combine sugar, karo syrup and butter. Heat over medium heat until butter melts. Stir in dry jello and continue stirring until all sugar is melted. Add Marshmallows and stir to melt. Pour over popcorn and combine. Form popcorn balls if desired, or allow to set up and break into pieces.