Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Color Red

A portion of each month's blogs will be about what my life is immersed in. . . color. In June, I will share some of my thoughts and creative endeavors using red. You probably think it is my favorite color. . . when in actuality it is my least favorite color, (at least to wear).

A friend's posting of color names we give to red included: Burgandy, Carmine, Chinese Red, Crimson, Faded Rose, Flame Red, Maroon, Ruby, Scarlet, Naples Red, Cherry, Blood Red, Vermillion, Cardinal, Poppy and Lobster. I've already had some memories come to mind just from the mention of the name. For instance, the first time I tasted Lobster, the episode when my Aunt and her boyfriend faked a car accident with ketchup for blood, and scared my Mom, Grandmother and Aunts, making Strawberry Jam, and my first Red Rose. What memories of Red come to your mind? Here are some reds (among other colors) that I've been dyeing. The silk throwsters waste and cocoons are wonderful for creative embellishment. Our Elegance Velvet Ribbons is 'to dye for'.