Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween & Blog Winner!

This is another example of using our hand-dyed velvet ribbon with cross stitch. You can stitch your selected word or words and then hang silver soldered charms/silver charms or whatever you wish off the ribbon. I can see a skelton key and other found objects used this way as well.

Happy Halloween! This year I didn't do too much with our porch decor as we are putting the carved pumpkins on our balcony. I love winding colored wire and using it for a quick pumpkin decorating idea.
Thanks to all who entered the blog contest. I was going to draw tomorrow morning but last night my daughter was in an auto accident involving my car (no one hurt and the other people's fault) so best outcome for the situation in my opinion! I will be busy with work and getting the car fixed/dealing with insurance etc. so I will be busy tomorrow morning. Number 6 comment is the winner. So if Natasha will email me at with your address I will send out your package!!
I enjoyed reading your Halloween quotes which you shared!
I'll be posting another blog contest early in November. Be thinking about those moments, food, etc that you find are 'Life Savors'. I will be asking you to comment with at least five to be entered in the contest. I will probably include them in an upcoming newsletter. I do a Life Savors Section each time I release a newsletter. Here are a few of ones that I am thinking of this time of year:
1. Hot Apple Cider & Homemade donuts. . .
2. Harvest Moons. . .
3. Skeleton Keys & Old Doors. . .
4. A fresh bouquet of flowers. . .
5. Finding a deserted bird's nest
6. Making homemade jerky
7. A new candle. . .
8. A written note from a friend. . .
Start thinking of some of your life savors so you can share them with us and possibly win the November drawing.
Dreaming in Color Until Later,

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  1. Sorry to about the car accident glad our daughter was not hurt or at fault - still it messes up the day. Take care.