Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Velvet Ribbon for Finishing

Here is the hanging pumpkin I stitched on 19-ct linen using my Silk 'n Colors. I used two piece of foam core (1/4"). I laced the cross stitch to one piece and glued a piece of hand dyed wool fabric (felt like) to the other piece. I then glued them wrong sides together, covered with a clean cloth and weighted them until glue dried. I rusched our hand dyed 1" velvet ribbon. I used several left over pieces in various colors. You need about a total of 4 x the length you are trying to cover with rusched ribbon. Thus, if I needed 40" around the entire piece I would have used about 160" of ribbon. I use either beading thread or sewing thread to do the rusching. Knot the end of your thread and begin at either side at the bottom of your ribbon. You will be sewing in your gathering stitches along the length of the ribbon. Begin taking small running stitches with the thread working in a zig-zag fashion from left-to-right or right-to-left depending upon which side you begin at. After you have stitched about 6" of zig zag lines in running stitches, gather this up. It is beautiful isn't it and oh so easy. Continue your zig zag running stitches until you have rusched enough ribbon to cover the area you are covering. The length of your stitches as well as space between stitches determines the end result of your rusching. The important thing is to keep your stitches the same spacing, and the zig zags the same size. Since I used different colors I did them each as separate pieces. You will need to securely knot your thread at the end (I like to do a tacking stitch) to hold all of your gathers together! I used a good tacky fabric glue to glue the ribbon around my cross stitch piece.
To hang the piece I formed a hanger out of copper wire and added ribbons tied onto the wire. I coiled the wire around a pencil to give the handle a couple of interesting designs.
If you'd like a free copy of this pattern just send me a stamped/self addressed envelope. I also stitched it as a white pumpkin and it was cute that way also. I'll post a picture of this as a white pumpkin in a day or two.
Ribbon for rusching is aavailable to purchase directly from us retail mailorder. Call me at our number on our website: or email me from our website. I usually have many colors available. The velvet ribbon is $3.00 a yard for the 1". You can also rusch our 7mm ribbon and this is a beautiful sachet or pinkeep finish.
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