Thursday, November 11, 2010

Freedom is Not Free

I copied this picture from my inbox today as it tells a poignant story. I also wanted to share a recent article from our local newspaper. It brought me to tears.

Stephanie Cook wrote the following: "I had the priviledge of going to a football game a few weekends ago, a professonal game where all the fans are sitting and cheering their heroes on the field. Little did I know that I was sitting three seats down from a real hero. His name is Aaron and he was at the game with his parents. The seats they were in were donated by season ticket holders so Aaron could go with his parents to see a professional game. Aaron sat very quietly down from his mom and dad and didn't say much, but as his father talked to the people in front of him I learned a lot about Aaron. He was shot while in Afghanistan and had been in San Francisco for two months rehabbing at the VA. His folks were hoping to take him home to Utah in the next couple of weeks. At one point Aaron needed to get up and walk, and his father had to help him. As he passed in front of my husband and me, I was able to see the immense scar that ran down from his neck along his spine. I helped to steady him as he stumbled as his legs didn't work all that well. The young man looked no more than 22, and as he passed by me, I was so humbled by all that he had given for his country and for our freedom. I marveled at all that he sacrificed so that I can live in comfort and security. So to Aaron, my hero in Seat 5 in Section 35 in Candlestick Park, thank you for braving the horror of war, for defending what you believe in, and for coming home. But most of all thank you for making me realize just how much I really do have in my life. Freedom isn't free. It is bought and paid for on the backs of young men and women."
So today, I too am thinking about Aaron and the countless others who lost their lives preserving the freedoms that I enjoy. There aren't words to express my gratitude and may I never forget. . .
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