Monday, May 23, 2011

Persistence Pays Off

Sometimes persistence pays off!  I saw this antique rack at an antique store being used to display old linen hand towels.  I literally begged to purchse it for months.  One day I got a phone call that a rack in much better condition was available and she was holding it for me!  People were wanting to buy it left and right before I got down there.  Isn't it interesting?  When I launder and then cold mangle my handwoven linen towels I hang them on it to dry.  Today I took pictures with some  wool skeins hanging on it for you to see.  Those legs stick out quite a distance from the base - so far that if you aren't paying attention you can trip over them and hurt your knee quite badly (this took some of the fun out of this antique for a bit!)  Maybe I'll learn not to chase the cat without watching what is around me!!
Now, for the winner of our recent Chocolate Contest:
Margaret, you are the winner of our Chocolate colored (brown) Silk 'n Colors and a tube of German Chocolate Bath Salts!
so I can mail out your prize!

Still dyeing - threads that is,

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  1. That is one amazing rack. I have never seen anything like it. You sure could hang lots of vintage linens on there.