Monday, May 16, 2011

Chocolate & Lace

I've been learning how to make Bobbin Lace with a group of friends from my Weaving & Spinning Guild.  I'm still at the baby-step beginning stages of learning so I can't show you any wonderful lace, just yet.  However I wanted to share these beautiful bobbins that I just had painted by an artist in the UK.  She called them 'Chocolate & Lace' because they have the wonderful chocolate swirls with lace painted on the top.  Notice the tiny painted bead on the spangle.  In addition, I had the bobbins inscribed with my Mother and Father's names and birthdates.  There is hardly a word to describe their beauty.  They are a true keepsake that I will enjoy using as I make bobbin lace.  In case you are interested you can see other work by this artist at:    Now a glimpse of my lace pillow and my current lace lesson which is called 'spiders'.

Notice all the different bobbins I am using.  You also use many, many pins in the making of lace.  I'll be excited to show you some real lace sometime in the future.  It is all about thread I guess. . . .in stitching, lace making, weaving and of course all about color. 
Do any of you also know how to make Bobbin Lace?
Watch for a delicious recipe for Chocolate Chocolate-Chip Cookies with Mocha Cream tomorrow and a chocolate give-a-way!
Still dyeing - threads that is,
Until Later,


  1. I've made bobbin lace in the past, but not for a while now. Be careful, collecting the bobbins becomes addictive!

  2. I've seen pictures of this, you are amazing Cece. My grandmother used to tat, which I understood was tricky - this looks much harder :) Those bobbins are beautiful.

  3. Yes, the collecting bug for bobbins has got me I'm afraid. I wasn't expecting anyone to say they had made lace - wonderful! Nice to hear from you, Miriam.