Friday, April 22, 2011

Back to Colors - Simply Orange Today

During Elizabethian times people who could wear orange were dicatated by English Law - called the Sumptuary Laws.  Social standing and wealth as well as religious, biblical and Christian symbolism was reflected in this color which we call Orange.  Orange is considered a symbol of courage.   I love burnt orange, orange peel, peach, persimmon, phoenix rising, and orange essential oil.  There are several types of orange essential oil and they all smell different from one another.  Orange is the national colour of the NEtherlands.  Orange Sun designates good weather on the Queen's Birthday which is coming up April 30th.  Perhaps you've heard of William of ORange, the protestant English kind (1689-1702)  who was the great-grandson of William the Silent (now isn't that an interesting title!).  Orange is a sacred colour of Hinduism.  We think of Orange and Brown when decorating for Thanksgiving.  Orange is a favorite color around here and the orange hand above is our new logo (designed by Mariah, my daughter) for our line of exquisite Shea Body Butter.  


  1. My favorite color is peach - just ask anyone who knows me well. I think I read someplace that it was a peaceful color. We recently moved and I had my studio room painted a pale peach. You can see it in the mess of a room posting I did today (April 22, 2011) on my blog.

    I do not know why, but the color peach makes me happy!

  2. Orange is a happy color. My youngest daughter loved orange. She painted her room orange and wore orange cleats when she played soccer!