Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Hope. . . .for Spring

Hope. . . .If winter comes can spring be far behind?

One of my favorite quotes and spring is here in Idaho!  I loved smelling the spring hyacinths on my hands and knees as a little girl.  I still love to smell them this same way - now I just make sure none of the neighbors are looking in my direction first. . . .I'm not as dainty as I used to be!  I'm getting the garden seeds ready to plant also, starting a favorite black plum tomato variety and several kinds of hot and sweet peppers that you only get to enjoy if you start the plants yourself.

Thanks to all who wrote and took part in the blog contest honoring my Dad.  A few wrote me privately about taking in dinner to a neighbor in need and other kind gestures.  I agree with one comment that we should live each day doing nice things for others that take us to that higher level of living.  I still believe in 'random acts of kindness' and 'paying it forward' when we either make an opportunity to give or take advantage of a situation we see as we are about our week.  I put those names in a jar who either wrote on the blog or emailed me privately and the winner is. . . . .JoAnn of Des Moines.  She wrote:  "Our quilt guild is currently making quilts for the veterans at the Des Moines IA Facility.  I was not personally acquainted with anyone there but I did have a good friend, Vernon Spinner, at the Marshalltown facility who passed away recently.  His roommate, Henry Williams, came to the funeral bringing a letter he wished to have put in the casket.  It stated:  "Vernon Spinner was the world's best roommate."  He also felt that Vernon was a gift from God.  So in makng the quilt of red, white, blue and gold, I quilted "in appreciation for service to our country" and also included his other comments down the side.  Yes, Henry and I both had tears in our eyes when I gave him the quilt last week."

I have JoAnn's Address since she wrote me an email privately  and I will be sending out the Silk 'n Colors to her!  Congratulations on being the winner of the contest. JoAnn.  I imagine my Dad is smiling a big smile right now! 

Keep stitching & giving.
Until later,


  1. Thinking of others helps us to go on after sorrow. I am sure your father is proud of you as he looks down from heaven.

  2. Nancy, your comment was very kind of you. I agree that our sorrows and hardships in life are much easier to bear when we reach beyond ourselves.