Friday, February 4, 2011

Miss Beatrice Hedgerow

I guess I just used that womanly trait of 'changing my mind' today. I decided to go ahead and post the picture of Miss Beatrice Hedgerow. Truthfully, Picadilly Paisley and I (we're one in the same if you haven't read my previous post) have a couple of other offerings as well for market. More on them later. . .
Beatrice charms bees and gathers flowers. . . .sounds like a relaxing life if you ask me! Maybe not the bees, but I do love honey butter on fresh baked bread. I've been day dreaming of my vegetable and flower gardens. It is almost time to order my garden seeds. I hope to do this over this weekend.
Still dyeing - threads that is!


  1. Thanks for your comment, Kathy! Glad you can actually see the bee as it is difficult to sometimes get details like this to photograph well enough.

  2. I really love that design. The bee is so cute. x

  3. This is a MUST HAVE for me. Thank you for designing her with the bright colors that shout SPRING-RENEWAL-LIFE....can you tell I have had a long winter. :)

  4. Nice of you to comment ladies!! It has been a long winter for so many of you. I like color as you can tell, mother nature does also.

  5. Beatrice Hedgerow is darling. I especially like the handles (from the previous post) for the tray, what a great idea.