Monday, February 14, 2011

Dyed On A Whim Packs - Inspiration

December's Dyed On A Whim Pack with
Mary Klein's Stump Work!

Isn't  this  breathtaking!  Mary belongs to our Monthly Club and this is what she did with December's Pack.  I have never tried Stump Work, but now  I am intrigued.  Thanks Mary for sending in this photo.
Now a little information on the packs. This year I am selecting a photograph, piece of wrapping paper, paint chips, or anything else that catches my fancy as the color inspiration for that month. We always include Silk 'n Colors in each pack (at least one, but often two). Other ribbons and threads from our other lines are added. Sometimes I dye a special limited edition color, or hand dye lace. When I include beads they are a selection of many types and colors that blend with the threads. We figure the costs of the pack by taking our regular wholesale prices on the threads/beads/other items and adding $10. If the pack is selling to you at $35 then you are getting regular retail pricing of $50, for a savings of $15. Shipping is an additional $5 per month in the US for priority mail. You also have the choice of fabric included in the pack. This is quilting batiks, hand dyed velvet, silk dupioni etc. Crazy quilters love this option. The fabric is usually a size that would work to line a small needle book. Special offers and occasional little gifts also find their way into the packs. If you would be interested in joining us you can phone me at (208) 387-2641 or email me at: We'd love to have you join the fun!   Also, Happy Valentine's Day!

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