Sunday, January 30, 2011

Who is Beatrice Hedgerow & Picadilly Paisley?

For those of you that follow Jenny Bean - she now has a new friend, Beatrice Hedgerow, who charms bees and gathers flowers. She grew up in an old stone cottage in the English Countryside.  She is designed by Picadilly Paisley (who also happens to be me).  I'm designing a pattern here and there when not dyeing. . .threads that is. There is a larger companion sampler that will introduce Beatrice. I'm not showing it until market. This is Beatrice's Sewing Tray - "Now I know My ABC's". I have to give credit for the idea of the sewing tray to the Blackbird gals when they showed a sewing tray at the Shepherd's Bush Retreat!
I found the antique looking draw pulls at a restoration hardware online source and I think they are the perfect addition to give the sewing tray- handles! I'm working on some additional pieces to the sewing tray. It is stitched in Silk 'n Colors on 28 count Wheat by R&R Reproductions.
A slightly odd designing name I've chosen in Picadilly Paisley. I have a beloved Brittany Spaniel named 'Paisley' and Picadilly, well I just liked how they sound together!
Until Later,


  1. I love it! Love your designing name too! Fun! Can't wait to see the companion sampler!

  2. This is beautiful! What a great sampler for Spring!

  3. Lovely, an unusual design, very pretty.

  4. Love it and your designing name! They are adorable!

  5. Nice of you to comment and I appreciate your kind words. We'll see if the pattern is well received by the shops. . .