Wednesday, December 29, 2010

White Sage & Angels

White Sage & Angels

White Sage has been used for years in ceremonial purposes by Native American Indians for clearing negativity inside and outside ones self and dwelling places by the use of smudge sticks. Herbally speaking it has been used in steam to treat colds and respiratory ailments in sweat lodges. Bees love White Sage and native birds eat the seeds. It is made into herbal teas. Often quite pungent in smell, it can also be very soothing when not overpowering. In soap it is said to be a natural deodorizer so I think it makes a great kitchen and garden soap! I recently made two batches of new soap using White Sage Butter as well as our Shea Butter. White Sage Soap has a lovely, light herbal scent. Sage, Sweetgrass and Cedar Soap is 'pure heaven in the forest' type scent. Other soap scents are available on our www.soaponawhim.etsy site. We only have a few of our available scents listed even there at this time.
The Angel is a freebie design I made by importing a black and white ink angel photo I found into my cross stitch design program. Now for the deals:
If you'd like the free angel pattern you can send me a stamped, self addressed envelope. I'll mail you the free pattern for the angel.
The other 'deal' involves our soap and our threads. If you purchase any of our soap on our Etsy site or phone us to place a soap order you can add on to your soap order any of our threads or ribbons and we will discount them 50% off our suggested retail price. This deal is only available from today until January 3rd, 2011. You can go to our website to find our phone number or contact information. Remember that we usually have over 30 different scents available at any given time so you can ask us for scent families of citrus, spicy, floral, fresh, sweet etc. and we can tell you what is available at this time. So, try a great soap, (stitchers do like clean hands to stitch) and save on threads all just for followers of my blog! In addition, we will include your free Angel Pattern with any soap and thread orders.
All the best for the New Year!
I'm off to the dye pots!

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  1. I use sage to smudge my environment all the time. The sage looked exactly as it does in the pics and smells wonderful! I would highly recommend purchasing and using this sage.

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