Wednesday, December 29, 2010

SLeep Tight Santa!

Sleep Tight Until Next Year Dear Santa! As we wind down the old year I imagine Santa is getting ready for a well deserved winter's sleep. As this is my final post for this year I have a couple of give-a-ways!
Enter your comments on the following: What was your favorite Christmas as a child? Did you believe in Santa Claus?
I did definately believe in Santa. I remember one Christmas at my Grandparent's house in Buhl, ID. I was about 6. I was sent to bed so Santa could come. I was so excited I couldn't get to sleep. I was in a bedroom that was under the eves of the house. It was snowing and the wind was blowing. The branches of the ivy that clung to the window were shifting in the wind and lightly brushing the window. The moonlight streamed through the window above the bed. All at once I was sure I heard Santa's sleigh bells! I was thrilled beyond belief! Was it my Uncle with the sleigh bells? My vivid imagination? I never really knew, but it was a magical moment that I have never forgotten. Guess what I still believe in Santa. . . or the spirit of the giving of Santa. I think my favorite Christmas has to be the one I received my favorite doll, Nancy. I will post after Christmas about her. She rests in my cedar chest after all these years. I was 3.
What do you win? I have 3 packages of hand dyed silk threads (6-7 colors of about 2 yards each, with a coordinating ribbon and a Santa Beeswaxer). If you bend a piece of copper wire and heat it in a candle flame you can turn the Santa Beeswaxer into an ornament. One of the 3 winners will also receive the Un Natale Da Ricamare 2009 Booklet on Ornaments and recipes which I was a part of for several years. I will choose 3 winners and then draw one from those to also receive the book. I look forward to your stories of Santa and your favorite Christmas as a Child.
Blessings at this season -


  1. I did believe in Santa when I was very small. I remember worrying about how he would get into the house since we didn't have a fireplace. I tried my best to keep awake to see him. I still remember the view into the hallway from my bedroom, staring out, trying to stay awake. lol! Thanks for the giveaway!

  2. I didn't really believe in Santa, as it was something that my parents, especially my dad, never pushed. We always had presents under the tree from "Santa," but I always knew that they were from my parents, as I recognized my Mom's handwriting on the tags.

    My favorite Christmas? Hmmm...I still vividly remember the year my mom recruited me to put presents under the tree for my brothers (from "Santa", so clearly I was older, maybe 8 or 9), not realizing at the same time that she had recruited them to do the same for me. I put Evel Knievel action figures under the tree for them, and I got a Derry Daring action figure (basically a female Evel Knievel, complete with pink jumpsuit and motorcycle). I remember thinking it was so cool that I was helping out my mom that it didn't even dawn on me that there would be something for me as well. I was SO excited to see my gift. I think I still have her at my mom's somewhere. Too bad I don't have the motorcycle and the packaging now. They are quite the collectible...

    Thanks for helping me to remember!

  3. I have a few favorite Christmas's to remember but I think my favorite was the year I decided to teach my kids about giving. A family at our church was in need of some cheering up, the dad had been in an accident and was paralized from the waist down and couldn't work at his old job any longer. They had two little girls and I decided to make new nighties and little purses, but then friends started bringing all kinds of goodies for the whole family. Before long we had a living room full of wonderful things for them. Then on the day they were to receive the gifts a lady from church came, we loaded up her car and she played Santa. The kids and I just stood there for awhile watching her drive away amazed but everything we had loaded up. I would have loved to see their faces when all those gifts were delivered. A few weeks later we found out that the generous giving from so many people brought the husband up out of his despression. He decided to go back to school and learned a new trade so he could take care of his family. What started out as a small gesture to teach my kids about giving turned out to be a wonderful blessing to all of us that gave small gifts to one little family at Christmas.

  4. When I try and remember Christmases when I was younger, all that comes to mind is the time with family. Decorating the Christmas Tree was always a party with good food and lots of fun family time. Watching the lights on the tree and the patterns they made on the walls and ceiling was always fun. Such simple memories, but they are so very vivid and what I try to recreate with my family. I can't really remember Santa, but I do remember the magic and excitement of the season.

  5. Oh my "yes" I believed in Santa! My youngest sister was 13 years younger than me so I got to "believe" in him for a very, very long time.

    My favorite Christmas was when I got to witness my grandfather give my grandmother an engagement ring. There wasn't a dry eye in the house when that happened. They had broken up when they were very young and he had sold her engagement ring and bought a car. When they got back together and got married he couldn't afford a new ring. It took him 50 years to get her a new one.


  6. I beleive in Santa, did and still do; he is the magic of Christmas. How else can you explain that magic gift that is given?

    When I was little I remeber Santa coming to visit us in the apartment we were staying in between houses. I remember telling my mother that Santa had been by her boses house. When she asked wha made me think so, I replied "Santa was wearing Mr. Fisher's shoes."
    My favorite memory as a mother is when I was explaining to my oldest son who had told me he knew there was no Santa the meaning of Santa. After I got all finish explaining about the man at the mall in the red suit, theprit og giving, etc; my son asked me, "That's nice, but where does he keep the reindeer the rest off the year?"

  7. I am WAAAY behind reading blogs....but I just had to post that my favorite doll was named Nancy too! How funny is that - another common link in our friendship :)