Sunday, November 14, 2010

Simple Joys

Simple Joys, the evening sun glimmers through yellow leaves against a steel blue-gray sky. Such is an autumn evening in November. Other moments of simple abundance I found this week included a short stop in an antique store. Browsing the past, looking for old block type and looking at faces in old pictures. Wondering what life was like for them as n'er a smile ever crosses the faces of the pictures of that era. What simple joys do you savor in life? You can win the Dyed on a Whim pack featured in the picture if your comment is chosen. I won't judge the comment itself, simply choosing a number from the comments left. Please list a minimum of 5 things you find as 'simple joys' or 'life savors'. I can't wait to hear from you.
You can join our monthly Dyed On A Whim Club and receive packs such as the one we are giving away. (this was our last pack for November). ALways color coordinated, always filled with wonderful threads for stitching and embellishment. Sometimes includes limited edition colors such as the hand-dyed lace this month. You can email me from the website or at: if you'd like more information on our club.
Until Later,


  1. 1. 4pm when my husband comes home from work.
    2. The knowledge to make a quilt.
    3. Creating a piece of cross-stitch, gentle crosses on a piece of linen.
    4. Hearing the sounds come from my violin.
    5. Watching out my sewing room window, little animals getting ready for winter, leaves turning colors, blue sky, clouds floating by, deer stepping out of the trees to graze on the grass.
    6. Friends
    7. Healthy children
    8. My books

  2. Beautiful contest through and through!!!

    1.-Smiles from my daughters
    2.The smell of coffee
    3.Sunday morning with DH
    4.Flannel Sheets on these cold nights.
    5.Enough floss to finish the design

  3. What a great giveaway! 1. Watching my son play with our kitten. 2. Having said kitten sleep on my lap while I stitch. 3. Reading or listening to a good book. 4. Laughing at my husband's silly jokes. 5. Having a good heart to heart talk with my son or daughter.