Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Two New Loves

Who would think that I would have these two items as 'new loves'. . .
I really like Heinz' new Sriracha Ketchup  - so much that even if I have two other bottles of regular ketchup in the refrigerator I'll open a new bottle of the Srirascha if I don't have any remaining.  The other new love is my IPhone.  Just got it today! 

I've been using a hand-me-down phone from Maritta,  one I could barely get past 'just learning how to answer', and don't ask me about putting the phone in 'airplane mode' and my issues getting it where it would ring again while on a business trip. . . .  I told Maritta I wasn't going to get a new phone unless it was 'totally free' - I lied, and I love it thus far. 

I can already turn it off and on by myself and add contacts!  Also, it has that feature that means the kids won't get such cryptic text messages from me anymore since I can 'talk' and the phone will 'type' it for me.  I do believe that I will have to  either occasionally type my own so that they will maybe get my usual text message where out of 20 words, two or three might be real words and the rest - well I knew what I was telling them.  I guess in a pinch I can just make up a few really far out words since I think the phone will type what I speak - guess I'd best go practice that to see if it really works.  I wouldn't want anyone to think the real Cece or Mom had disappeared.  

Darn it anyway, I just learned that I missed my opportunity to be on Ellen - Mariah said she was having a program on text messages from Moms.  I could have definitely won.

Tomorrow I'll try my best to get off the phone and back to the dye pots!

Until Later,

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