Monday, January 14, 2013

A Wool Christmas Stocking


I Spent part of the Christmas Holiday Making an all wool, embellished Christmas Stocking.  It all started with the circles, simply making a few embellished with beads, Silk Ribbon Colonial Knots, and Silken Pearl Bullion Stitches.   I then had to decide what to do with those circles.  I had a lovely piece of wool I had hand dyed so I made a Christmas Stocking.  I plan to hang other 'dangly' items from the ribbon loop, but for showing purposes I attached the wonderful Christmas 'Nice' scissor fob decoration from the Shepherd's Bush Retreat.  Someone came by the house and said, "You've made a Dr. Seuss Christmas Stocking".  Well, not really my intent. . . .but it is rather playful I have to admit.
I used the new color of 'Red' Seagrass for the straight stitching at the top of the stocking and I lined it with a cute quilting fabric.  It was fun to make. 

Still Dyeing, Threads That Is. . . .
Until Later,


  1. Wonderful stocking, Cecelia! I love the colors and all the little embelishments - it's perfect!

  2. Love the stocking Cece! I did some wool applique as a Christmas present for my mom, and need to get back to finishing the adorable wool book project you designed for us at the retreat. I always get stuck at the embellishment part and end up using beads. Your close-up picks gave me some ideas to broaden my horizons.

  3. I'm glad the closeups provided some inspiration. I get inspired from so many creative people, especially on pintrist.

  4. The Christmas sock is really cute and stunning in its color and accessories. Great job! I’m very curious if you have other designs of it. I would really love to see it. Hope you’ll never get tired of doing your craft coz’ it’s so lovely. Good luck and I wish you happiness!

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