Friday, September 14, 2012

Sheep's Silk

Sheep's Silk . . .


Our Sheep's Silk is pictured at one of the local quilt shops where it is displayed near the hand dyed wool for wool applique.  This very versatile thread is perfect for blanket stitch when layering wool for wool applique, needlepoint, and cross stitch on 18-ct fabric especially.  The soft hand and gorgeous  dyed colors are due to the 50% silk and 50% wool content.  If you've never used this thread you simply must try it.  Available in a palette of palest to vibrant hues.  See the colors on our website -

Sometime later this fall I will have wool dyed to match some of the Sheep's Silk colors and available on our etsy site - as fabric and thread as a combined set.

Still dyeing - threads that is.

Until Later,


  1. Thanks, Patty. We have a great variety of colors in this line.

  2. This is my favorite thread of all times! Sheep's Silk nestles into fabric rather than stand out as pearl cottons do. I use it to cross stitch on 10 count fabric or over 2 threads on 18 count linen. I am in love!