Saturday, February 18, 2012

La Fleur Memory Keeper, Button Box & Pin Keep

A preview of something new for Nashville. La Fleur Memory Keeper, Button Box and Pinkeep.
Gather old vintage buttons or purchase new ones to make these items personalized by your own buttons. Inside are several pockets to hold old letters, pictures or other memorabilia. You could finish the memory keeper into a lovely thread roll if desired also. Rolled up and tied with our hand-dyed 13mm ribbon the roll fits perfectly in the Paper Mache box which was painted and aged with Bri-Wax. The Memory Keeper is a separate pattern and the Button Box and Pin Keep a separate pattern. We will have a third pattern available in March/April that is a needle case, beeswax holder (yes we will have a special waxer also), and a button scissor fob.
Our hand-dyed 1/4" velvet ribbon finishes off the edges of the pin keep and the top of the button box. We made our own beaded pins using silk pins and beads. If you wanted to change the colors of the flowers and stitch on a neutral linen this would be lovely and we have many choices in velvet ribbon available to match our Silk 'n Colors.


  1. Thanks for your comment, Kathy! You have just won a free copy of this pattern! Please email me your address so I can send it out! Email me at:

  2. Your pieces are wonderful!! I loved the piece when it is rolled up and tied with the beautiful ribbon. Best of luck with the ladies at Nashville!!!!

  3. Liz, remembering some good times at Nashville with you! I look forward to showing your wonderful wool designs!